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May 1, 2013 – “H7N9 is a very, very serious disease in those who have been infected. So if this were to become more widespread it would be an extraordinarily devastating outbreak.”

—Peter Openshaw, director of the Center for Respiratory Infection at Imperial College London. – NBC News


This ebook presents the facts about the threat of a deadly form of avian influenza—also known as the Bird Flu—in non-technical language. It provides practical steps you can take to protect yourself and your family against killer H7N9 and H5N1 strains.


Today, the focus is on H7N9 which is starting to spread in China, and soon may circle the globe. H5N1 is also a continuing threat to all.


Avian influenza exists in nature all the time, and only periodically breaks through the animal-human barrier. When that happens, it has a potentially devastating impact. We are facing that today with the rise of H7N9.


Just 95 years ago, over 650,000 people in the US died of the flu in a little over seven months. That was before mass air travel was common. If a powerful influenza virus like that one hits the US today, it would probably kill far more people because it would spread faster than the medical community could fight it.



June 23, 2013 – Scientists Warn Against Complacency on Deadly H7N9 Bird Flu  Reuters



Medical authorities already know something you don’t know. That is, an influenza pandemic will kill people faster than a vaccine can be manufactured and distributed. They also know that a key to life is having respirators available. However, there are not enough of these medical devices available to meet the demand.  It is entirely possible that people in the US will die by the hundreds of thousands as they did during the “Spanish Flu” epidemic of 1918.


An influenza pandemic will change the world. The World Bank thinks it is likely to cause a catastrophic economic meltdown. What will you do?


You can learn how to protect yourself and your family. This book is not about scare tactics, conspiracy theories or end of the world theories. It is a practical ebook that will inform you about the threat of various forms of bird flu, why you will not be able to get medical care, and steps you can take to keep your family healthy.



Sept 15, 2013 — “The UN has issued a new warning to the international community that the H7N9 and H5N1 avian influenza viruses continue to pose serious threats to human and animal health, especially in view of the upcoming flu season.” FAO


Only prepared people will stand a chance at survival, and this ebook outlines many of the issues people will face. It will be up to you to take prudent action to keep yourself and your loved ones alive.



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Bird Flu Plague: How You can Survive the Coming Pandemic will help you understand the avian influenza threat and what you must do to survive it.